Why We Are Different

After the machine is produced, the product inspection process: taking a 3D wire bending machine as an example

We are proud to say our quality is more attractive than the price, as we are not online bargains. We put more focus on value but not price, so issues of the poor quality spring machine will never happen to Cendly.

We never waste our exceptional technologies on making a few changes to secretly cut the costs. Cendly spring machine and parts are produced strictly aligning with OE standard from simple screws to the whole Spring machine.

We may perform the same test at every single manufacturing stage in our in-house laboratory to ensure the spring machine is thoroughly tested. It finally ensures that a spring machine is born, which are fit for requirements.

The material is threaded from the automatic feeder to the reel, pressed on the wire wheel, and straightened through the mandrel.

Confirm that the size of the twisted R angle meets the product drawing requirements.

Program the program in the computer control system and save it with the product number.

 Find the product program that needs to test the goods from the computer control system and start the boot test.

There are inspection tools to check the flatness of the product

After the first sample is qualified, test one hour of inspection and use the inspection tool to check the pass rate.

The acceptance rate is completed within the standard range.