In the 1990s, China was in the era of reform and opening up.

However, at the time of the small county town of Zhejiang, China, the two Lu family brothers had a very hard time. Due to the poverty of their families, parents could not support the cost of studying. So the two brothers came out of social work very early, but because of their young age and lack of academic qualifications, they often ate and ate. There was no last time. In the most difficult time, their brothers lived in the bridge hole and slept in the street. At that time, the industry was at During the booming period, many factories are expanding their recruitment staff. The two brothers also started their own assembly line careers in the factory, but they are not connected to ordinary workers. After work, they will study technology, understand the structural steps of the machine, and make up the entire machine.

in 1992, they turned their entrepreneurial era to work with money.

In 1992, the new wire bending and forming factory was established. At the beginning of the establishment, there were only a few installed engineers who had been working together, and some apprentices. In the era when there was no strong financial support, the brothers were not afraid of the Chinese. The tired spirit, the design and assembly of the day and night are more in line with the bending forming principle of the machine.

In the motor selection, I also visited many senior industry masters, but some companies are reluctant to share industry information and other information, so just At the beginning, the two brothers can only use the simplest way, which is to find out the famous motors in the industry, buy them one by one to try, to see which motor’s service life and commissioning production can actually improve the service life of the machine and improve the machine. The production efficiency, more importantly, can reduce the overall cost, not only can make the whole machine cost 1/3 of the cost of imported machines , but the service life and efficiency can be flat or better. In a year or two of research and development and innovation, equipment has finally come out and sold.

In 2007, the two brothers expanded the company and changed it from a small workshop 

With the development of China’s economy and the good times of reform and opening up, the demand for spring machinery and equipment is also growing.In 2007, the company changed its name to Jinyun Spring Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in Jinyun County, and opened the road of self-production and self-sale. At that time, Spring Technology was a German, Japanese and Chinese Taiwan machine that occupied the Chinese market, but their equipment is expensive, expensive accessories, many SMEs still only by hand or mechanical spring to manufacturing, but also in the Jia brothers in this market, spotted the market, to build China’s high-end market for SMEs With the ability to have modern spring machinery and equipment, the company has introduced the Taiwan computer system and used other motors and reducers to manufacture computer spring machinery to replace manual springs and mechanical equipment.

On August 13, 2015, in order to further expand the company’s scale

On August 13, 2015, in order to further expand the company’s scale, the two brothers purchased more plots to expand the scale of the plant, from more than 1,000 square meters to tens of thousands of square meters, officially changed its name to Zhejiang Yinfeng Automation Technology Co., Ltd., and became Zhejiang. Well-known brand, and Zhejiang Province leading spring mechanical equipment factory, A NDY D ENG graduated from university in 2012, joined the team of Yinfeng, and set up the company’s professional sales team within half a year to set up a local post-training service for national customers. And the maintenance division, the sales pattern of Yinfeng Machine has been further increased, and the market share is far ahead of the peers.

In 2016, ANDY DENG ‘s sister CENDLY DENG returned and founded the Yinfeng Foreign Trade Team.

In 2016, ANDY DENG ‘s sister CENDLY DENG returned from abroad to join the Yinfeng team and founded the Yinfeng Foreign Trade Team.
Open up overseas markets, and strive to make spring machinery and equipment better serve more industries, andcontribute to China’s Belt and Road to better promote Chinese spring machinery and equipment. At present, Yinfeng Spring Machine has been exported to more than ten countries and regions. in NC spring and no cam spring machine, 3 D molding machine equipment in the field to expand the market share, as more countries Foreign companies have provided more high-quality services, and have made the same or better quality equipment with 1/3 of the price of foreign spring equipment, saving more production costs for customers and greatly improving production efficiency. Yinfeng Spring In the development path of more than ten years, mechanical equipment has always been in a learning attitude, maintaining a sense of crisis, constantly innovating, providing customers with more choices and various molding solutions, and thinking of customers. The urgency of the customer, the cost with the customer.

There are many opportunities and challenges. CENDLY ‘s famous saying is: Always save the heart, Never give up! Yinfeng spring equipment has more goals to be completed in the future, more markets to develop, more innovations to be done, more to invest in research and development, to become more than a great company to do more Work hard