CNC-1025- 10-axis Camless spring machine

Model CNC-1250
Color Grey/Blue
Diameter of the steel wire(mm) Φ2~Φ5
Total power (kw) 33
Number of axes 12
Number of the wire feed wheel 3 pairs
Servo motor Wire feeding 7.0KW
Rotary wire 7.0KW
Rotary mandrel 1.5KW
Curved shaft 1.5KW
Knife rest of slide 2.0KW*8
Main Machine(L*W*H)(mm) 2300*1980*2250
Net Weight of Machine (kg) 4500
  1. Ten sets of servo motors independently control eight stations, transfer lines, cores, and wires. The machine is fast (more than50% faster than cam machines ). It is suitable for manufacturing various high-precision shaped wire forming, tension spring, and twisting. Spring, double torsion spring, etc., the production speed is fast (more than 10% faster than similar products ).
  2. Theservo motor precision reducer is directly connected to the transmission mode to ensure high precision, long life and high stability, and overcome the shortcomings of low stability of the synchronous belt drive.
  3. Thetool holder adopts parallel double-rail sliders to maintain high precision and high rigidity for a long time.
  4. Simple operation, friendly interface, the computer automatically detects the health status and alarm of the whole machine.
  5. High-precision wire box gear manufacturing process, maintaining wire feeding accuracy for a long time.
  6. Wide range of applications: electronics, toys, electrical appliances, sports equipment, automobiles, tableware, supermarkets, stationery, instruments, meters, hair accessories, handicrafts.
  7. High-torque planetary reducer for transmission with the best stability and accuracy.The main components are imported for higher life and long-term accuracy.